Shai Soul-Wright – Falling

Label: Shining Star Records

First single from a promising EP… produced by Emeson.

Via SoundCloud “Shai Soul-Wright is a singer-songwriter, musician and actress based in London whose music blends elements of soul, reggae, hip-hop, funk and jazz…

Straight out of ‘The Kitchen Studios’, sees the release of the first track entitled ‘Falling’ from her forthcoming EP Seven-Seventy Seven set for release in August 2017.

Blending jazz nuances, soulful vocals and eclectic hip hop beats, Shai effortlessly expresses matters of the mind on this opening track.”

The RawSoul – In Motion 015


1.Paris Grey ft Housemaster Baldwin – Reach For Your Dreams
2.Frankie Knuckles – Only The Strong Survive
3.Corrina Joseph – Wish Tonite
4.Soul Creation – That Feelin
5.Kim English – Learn 2 Luv
6.Kerri “Kaoz 6:23” Chandler – Be There
7.The Brand New Heavies – You Are The Universe
8.George Benson – Song For My Brother
9.Thelma Houston – All Of That
10.Terry Burrus ft Ada Dyer – I Am For You
11.Little Louie Vega Presents The Chameleon – The Missile
12.Shawnee Taylor – In The Sunshine
13.Halo – Keep Reaching
14.Michael Watford – Heaven Is Calling You
15.M.A.S. Collective Presents Inner Spirit ft Ce Ce Rogers – Take Me Higher
16.Earl Bennett – So Glad (I Found You)
17.Georgie Porgie – All Because Of Me
18.Spencer Morales ft Randy Roberts – Without Your Love
19.Urbanized ft Silvano – Helpless
20.Mood II Swing – On Your Knees

Mood J – Turn Your Love Around

Label: Lobster Theremin

Visit regularly if you want a constant flow of great music in the house and techno department…and more!

Via Lobster Theremin “Hiding slightly out of plain sight, Australian producer Mood J has been secretly crafting lush house jams for the last half decade bubbling just under the visible surface.

With the artist and Asquith having briefly touched base at the beginning of the label’s journey, it took only a chance encounter in a Ballarat bungalow in 2016 to reignite the flames of the artist-label relationship. Jimmy surprisingly bumping into Jon (Mood J), as he was Daze’s housemate in Aus, whilst the Lobster crew were on tour there.

Mood J’s hard drive was stashed with archive of warm, sizzling, analogue studio tracks cooked to the nines, and so here we are just over 14 months later with the full epic debut in hand.”

Mr. Brady – Speechless

Label: Urbnet records

Another great one from the Urbnet vault, a new instrumental project from Mr. Brady. Beatsbeatsbeats!

Via Urbnet “Mr. Brady effortlessly hops behind the boards with his signature grit, raw, and soulful sound. Speechless is a primarily sample chop based 22-track opus, emitting hard-hitting drums and wobbly heavy basslines…”

DAVEPSY – Extended Playpen

Label: Urbnet records

Seattle’s DAVESPY on the mic and Vancouver’s Moka Only on the beat… perfect duo!

Via DAVESPY and Urbnet “The content ranges from the writing process to societal ills, to wordplay cuz it’s good, to dropping inhibitions and chasing dreams, thinking positive, sex, grocery shopping, parenting, and just doing art to make life a little bit easier, and more colorful…Moke whooped up some real goodies for me to blabber over.”

B. Cool-Aid – Cocoa

Label: Akashik Records

It’s pretty simple, everything coming out of this label is amazing! This time, they got Pink Siifu on the mic, Ahwlee on the beat and Swarvy on the mastering for this new lo-fi goodness. This is only a single, but a full album is on the way, so get ready for more real soon!

L-One – Farska LP

Label: Beat Art Department

Excellent jazzy boom bap instrumental LP.

Via Beat Art Department: “L-One is a young Munich Hip Hop beat smith and a lover of drum computers…On the Farska LP, he processes his impressions of his vacation in Croatia in 2014 and 2015. On every day one song has been created on the beach, only with a MPC500, which carries its title either of the meal (2014) or the drink (2015) of the previous evening.”

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