The RawSoul – In Motion 016


1.Corrina Joseph – Lonely
2.Elegia – Grid Two
3.Mihail P – Theta Wave
4.Oneiric – Aurora
5.D*Note – Waiting Hopefully
6.Critical Phase – The Phase Effect
7.Abacus – Blax Thanxs
8.Cosmic Garden – Sole Mistico
9.Jacy – Gotta Have It
10.Avant Garde – Somebody Skat’n
11.Grampa – She’s Crazy
12.Blaze – Another Dae
13.Moodymann – Joy Pt II
14.AtJazz – Slide It In
15.Arthur Russell – In The Light Of A Miracle
16.Theo Parrish – Footwork
17.The Hieroglyphic Experience – Methods Of Transfer Book 1
18.The Untouchables – Dance To The Rhythm
19.The Zohar – New Groove 13 07
20.Dee Dee Brave – For Kerri
21.Chez Damier – Untitled
22.Mowgly – Bright
23.Cassio Ware – Tricky Nicky
24.Tears Of Velva – The Way I Feel
25.Jason Grove – Mastercut 4

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