The RawSoul – In Motion 018


1.Tom Glide & Chidi – Old Skool Dayz
2.Josh Milan – Blackbyrd
3.Blaze – The Garden
4.The Rotating Assembly – The Rust Organic
5.Bogus Hunter – Bad Runner
6.Legowelt – Puzzles In Life
7.Spiritual Emphasi – Borealis
8.D-Connection – Re-Connected
9.Street Corner Symphony – Symphony For The Devil
10.Sylk 130 – Season’s Change
11.Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire
12.Tommy – I Need To Go Away (All By Myself)
13.Ten City – Whatever Makes You Happy
14.Downtown Loop – Keep Holdin’ On
15.Glenn Underground – Waterhodes
16.Fresh & Low Productions Present Fresh Juice – Fever Tension
17.Native Soul ft Trey Washington – A New Day
18.Hanna – Twombley’s Glen
19.Byron The Aquarius ft Cropper – Song For A Friend
20.Nutmeg – So Real (The Dummy)
21.Restless Soul – Sykodelik
22.Moodymann – Don’t Be Misled!

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