Skinny Pelembe – I’ll Be On Your Mind

Via Bandcamp “Skinny Pelembe releases new track ‘I’ll Be On Your Mind’, and announces his signing to Brownswood Recordings. The track pairs a simple, soothing melody – which, as he recalls, he’s had stuck in his head “for about the last six years” – with a beat-splicing studio nous. His spoken word is intertwined with sampled, re-mapped drum patterns, with the track’s closing moments bathed in swells of echo-filtered drones. Nodding to influences ranging from Linton Kwesi Johnson (and Dennis Bovell’s production) to Slowdive, it packs a hell of a lot into what’s, above all else, an outstanding pop song.

The video, exploring themes of mortality, was made by Skinny himself, on a budget of £9.99. It was filmed on his Galaxy Samsung Ace (of a 2011 vintage). ‘I’ll Be On Your Mind’ precedes a new EP to be released later in the year.”

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