The RawSoul – In Motion 030


1.Visual – The Music Got Me
2.Boyd Jarvis – Guitar Space
3.Colonel Abrams – Release The Tension
4.Blaze – Feel The Music
5.Vee Woodruff – Music Is Taking Me High
6.Before The Storm ft Boyd Jarvis – I’ve Got The Music
7.Charles Dockins ft Lawrence D’Ior – Contagious Love
8.Mama’s Children ft Lee Truesdale – Let Us All Be Friends
9.95 North ft Phillip Ramirez – See The Light
10.Da Mob ft Jocelyn Brown – Fun
11.Cricco Castelli – Funky Junky
12.Chocolette – It’s That East Street Beat
13.Boyd Jarvis At Last – Blink Blink
14.Billie – Nobody’s Business
15.Nyles-Jarvis Project – We Can Work It Out
16.The Carlos Sanchez Movement – Flying High
17.Ecstasy Boy – Holy Spirit Dance
18.Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – Projections
19.Kings Of Tomorrow – Vibes
20.Level 3 – Central Line
21.Tammy Lucas – Hey Boy
22.Visual – Somehow, Someway


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