The RawSoul – In Motion 033


1.Sharon Jones – I’m Gonna Get Ya!
2.Teflon Dons ft Gregory Porter – Tomorrow People
3.Deep 88 – Harmony
4.Mood Life – Needs (Not Want)
5.Marcellus Pittman – Can’t Forget About You
6.Playin’ 4 The City – Moonlightin’
7.Washerman – Moody Life
8.Alex Agore – It’s Not Important
9.Carolyn Harding – Pick It Up
10.Dana Byrd – Higher
11.Kemticjust Presents Just One – Stay My Way
12.Chez Damier – Close
13.Big Muff – My Funny Valentine
14.Calvin Rock – I Love U Forever
15.Jimmy Sommers ft Rahsaan Patterson – What I Am Gonna Do?
16.Crackazat – Sundial
17.Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – Projections
18.Color Plus – Keygen
19.Onirico – Tribal Echo
20.E.R.P. – Into The Distance
21.Legowelt – Nebular Paradise
22.Espresso – Ping Pong
23.Nick Holder – Feelin’ Sad
24.STL – Birdart

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