Clifford Brown & Jeen Bassa Ft. Ella Mae Sueref – Samba Del Sol (Banoffee Pies Beats 03)

Via Banoffee Pies Records “Banoffee Pies Records drop their third Beats release “Samba Del Sol” with Clifford Brown & Jeen Bassa Ft. Ella Mae Sueref – The album is influenced by Carnival and Latin sounds with Hip Hop drums and Soul roots – meeting in middle ground as an expression of the production duos upbringing, John’s heritage in Mauritius and Cliffords childhood in South America. Partnered with Ellas Spanish language fluency and soft Badhu acclaimed voice as previously heard on the single Stop Rewind credited by the like of Gilles Peterson and Mr. Scruff.

The tape was recorded on Garageband by Clifford Brown and Jeen Bassa with 2 Karaoke Microphones, mixed in Bath and later buried on a hard drive for over 6 years never to be heard again. Sliding into the forgotten darkness of lost tracks and rediscovered in 2017. The production, originally just an instrumental, was then found and reignited, revamped with a vocal insert from the wonderful Ella Mae Sueref.

The 10 track album demonstrates a flurry of drums and latin inspired sampling and mesmerizing vocals from start to finish. For the music and the lovers. Living room jams made in smoke. Banoffee xx”

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