Rimarkable – I’m In Trouble

Via Dirt Tech Reck “Rimarkable, The first signing to Waajeed’s DIRT TECH RECK label based in Detroit. Presents her stunning debut with the single, “I’m in Trouble”, over eight minutes of planetary prayer from Purgatory. Produced, mixed and arranged by Waajeed, this elaborate dance floor offering is a marriage between deep Afro House and Detroit Techno, with potent and memorable vocals by Rimarkable.

This track is the story behind an answered prayer. “This is the dance of the delight in receiving, and the terrors that accompany its responsibility.” Rimarkable says. “I felt the need to pull from my experiences of wanting and needing something so badly, receiving it, and underestimating the Herculean task in keeping it. I had to make a dizzying call to every spirit and god I have access to for support.”

As a seasoned DJ in New York for the last decade, Rimarkable is clear this track will be welcomed on dance floors worldwide. “This song was produced and performed from a DJs perspective,” she says. “It will take the dancers to a place of possession, and allows space for the DJ to officiate and build a bridge to wherever they’d like to go next. It’s definitely something to keep in your crate of arsenals.”

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