Hubert Daviz – momentum

Via Bandcamp: “Momentum” includes a collection of previously unreleased
or digital-only available works incl. the collaboration effort with Flako.

“Beatnicks Tape”:
All tracks produced by Hubert Daviz in April/May 2008.
The original release “Beatnicks Tape #01” included 13 tracks.
These tracks have been released for free download in summer 2008 on the Cologne based record label Up My Alley.
The work on this beat tape started as an attempt of getting familiar with one’s first own equipment. Original text from the back cover: “lots of vinyl, 1 MPC2500, 1 Microkorg, hands on.”

“Damage Is Done”:
All tracks produced by Flako & Hubert Daviz between
December 2007 & June 2008.
Unreleased beat tape from the joint collaboration with Flako (going by the name of “Damage Is Done”). The original version was completed by Flako on June 21, 2008 and included 8 tracks.
“Woop, Wooop..”

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