Medline – Solstice

Via My bags “Solstice is audacious and unprecedented. A path-finding album covering legendary jazz funk, soundtrack and library music holy grails. 8 underground hits, coming from impossible to find records are now turned into rare groove standards.

Obvious is the fact that nobody produced an album like this before. These tracks were sampled over and over… making them becoming Hip Hop standards. However, it’s not the only way to consider this rich musical production.
Today, original copies became very expensive, gaining value with the uncredited fame of beatmakers uses, and not only for the scarcity factor, but mostly because the music is amazing.

From the eponym “Solstice” to the medley of 3 famous tracks of Alain Goraguer’s “La Planète Sauvage”, to the walking beat version of René Costy’s “Scrabble”, Medline assemble a pair of four aces, in a pure amplified soul way.
40 years after the release date of Brian Bennett’s “Voyage”. It was time for a rebirth.

Pressed on a sea blue translucent vinyl, with an A2 poster (59,4x42cm) giving an extra life to the wonderful painting by Clément Laurentin.
A human eye looking to the sun for the album “Solstice” is connecting us to the cosmic clock.”

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