Loop.Holes – Back In Bap

Via Millennium Jazz Music “If you don’t know, get to know… Loop.Holes are the six man beat making team from Norway, who have been a favourite to a lot of us for years as they have been humbly banging out all sorts of underground Hip Hop classics during this time. Ironically with all their material the group have never worked on an official album, until now!!

Back In Bap comprises of several Loop.Holes favourites only ever previewed on their online profiles, along with brand new material made exclusively for this release. You can find B.I.B on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and various digital stores. We also have a very limited double vinyl album up for pre-order now on Qrates (bit.ly/BackInBap). We hope you enjoy this collection. In the meantime Loop.Holes are working on their first official album which we are excited to be releasing after this one, so be on the looking out!”

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