The RawSoul – In Motion 047


1.The Good Reverend Dr. Gary Henry – Faith
2.Joe Claussell – Rhythm
3.Renato Pearson & JoVoon – Soundmen On Wax (Optic Vision)
4.Julius Papp & Dave Warrin – Feel You
5.Kenny Bobien – Walk Into The Light
6.Cheek – Venus
7.The Untouchables – Somethin Bugged
8.Voices – Can U See The Light?
9.Chris Gray – Free Spirit
10.Pioneers – Taunt
11.Round Four ft. Tikiman – Find A Way
12.Jovonn – Satisfied
13.KIngs Of Tomorrow – Liquid Interlude
14.SNK – Summer Is Gone, Winter Is Here
15.Funky Horns – Night Sessions
16.Shake Your Ass! – You Came My Way
17.Wall Of Sound ft Gerald Lethan – Critical
18.Chezeré – Where Does Your Mind Go?
19.Black Daniels – Blazin Soul
20.Michael Watford – As
21.Tears Of Velva – The Way I Feel
22.Reggie Hall – Count On It!
23.Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham – Espirito Du Tempo

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