Ben Hauke – Movin Broke E​P

Via coopr8 “The young South East London producer Ben Hauke, takes us on yet another epic sonic excursion – this time around, from deepest darkest Lewisham to city lights of North America. The brand new five track sampler on the Coop’s Cooperation Records is driven by crunchy MPC beats laced with obscure and dusty Puerto Rican breaks mashed with Brazilian, and Cuban crate digs; the Movin’ Broke EP delivers Ben’s distinctly raw and grimy London style, with music and vocals that glides effortlessly between Bruk Afro Reggae Hip hop & future boogie soul.
Already turning heads at the legendary Coop nights for some time as well as the new Black Op night, “Simple” feat Jerome Thomas on vocals is a classic underground grass roots Rub n Crub jam. One piece of dutty rok stinking’ soul monster with it’s smooth almost lovers rock esq type vocals simmering nicely over a Dilla type sounding Broken beat / Bruk groove.

Having collaborated with the likes of Nubya Garcia and Joe Armon Jones, Ben Hauke stands at the electronic end of London’s new jazz movement.
Currently working on new releases with more of a focus on live instrumentation, Hauke’s productions have seen him likened to Theo Parrish and Madlib, with an altogether physical approach to sound. Title track Movin’ Broke is a deep yet breezy latin house bumper, dedicated to all those ‘Movin’ broke with an uplifting & infectious groove which chugs along with sweeping melodies and harmonics swaggering throughout, while the moodier broken syncopated beat of “Why they got the light” with its eerie sampled organ pads, Moog-ish sound effects takes dance floors on a much more rhythmic deeper workout.”

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