Hazards of Prophecy – Minnie & Marcos

Via Tiff’s Joint “Tiff’s Joints returns with their fourth release in the form of three heavily syncopated and harmonically explorative heaters from Hazards of Prophecy. Kicking things off with “Percussion Concussion”, Hazards of Prophecy lay down luscious chords, a wriggling bassline and carefully spliced vocal chops over a bedrock of interlocking rhythms and whistles in what can only be described as a floaty “Bruklearic” roller. The A2, “Minnie & Marcos”, takes things up a gear and brings the listener on a Rhodes fuelled odyssey, swinging through a variety of dynamically and sonically versatile sections as it pulls and pushes limbs across the dancefloor. Finally, “Love & Rum” bring things to a climax with majestic pads, piercing synth runs and a bubbling rhythm section, while soothingly lowering the listener back down to earth.”

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