We are extremely happy to welcome a new monthly show on our channel, presented by our good friend and collaborator, Clay aka @alldayjam.

“I spent the last two months in the deep Canadian east coast with Clay and Friends, sometimes playing 3 shows a day. Let me put this simply, same clothes, different city, these are the tunes that lived with me. Soulful chants from the UK, folk-like poems from Haiti and lo-fi Montreal voices make up this @alldayjam episode. Keeeeep it movin’ c u at Le Ministère on January 30th for the launch.”


Jaz Karis – Pretty Dreamer
Temani – Power (prod. Mykal Riley)
Jake Milliner – Two Syllables Volume Fifteen – 05 Jack Jones ft Bubblerap
Tyler- Ziplock
MOODS_Zoom Out Feat Malia
Yves Jarvis – fruits of disillusion
Sam Henry and the soul Machine_Tomorrow, Today
dur dur band_Diinleeya
Stelvio Cipriani – Marys theme – 1969 [OST]
Manno Charlemagne – Le mal du pays (Ayiti 1984) Hors Cadres
Menelik Wossenachew- Tezeta
BackSeet(SAEX) prod Devin Morrison _ Mndsgn
Sleepin Giant – Two Syllables Volume Fifteen – 02 Back At It
Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P​`​Tits Je T​`​aime
BenjiFlow – Deep End
Souleance – Love Chants
Peloquin Sauvageau – Monsieur l’indien (Quebec 1972) Hors Cadres
Toshio Matsuura Group – Change

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