Resavoir – Escalator

Via International Anthem “Resavoir is a diverse collective of Chicago artists & improvisers who perform songs written & directed by trumpeter Will Miller. Best-known for his work with the indie band Whitney – and for his brass cameos on tracks by Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Saba, Eryn Allen Kane, and more – Miller is, at his core, a jazz cat who trained at the Oberlin Conservatory, where his first composition assignment under Wendell Logan was to “go to the reservoir and write a song.” Though his schedule for the last few years has been dominated by studio gigs, arrangement work, and extensive touring with Whitney (on the success of their 2016 Secretly Canadian release Light Upon The Lake), all the while the Chicago native has been slowly and privately developing the music he jokingly refers to as his “bedroom jazz” sound. Resavoir as a body of work is the manifestation of this development.

Resavoir as a band is led by Miller (often harmonizing his trumpet through a MIDI keyboard), Akenya Seymour on keyboards & vocals, Irvin Pierce on tenor sax, Lane Beckstrom on bass, Peter Manheim on drums & percussion, and Jeremy Cunningham on drums. “Escalator,” their first release for International Anthem, is a digital double single which presents Miller’s compositional work in two contexts: first, a “demo version” recorded & produced by Miller at home in 2014; and second, an uncut “live debut” recorded at Resavoir’s first performance, in June of 2018 at International Anthem’s Chicago HQ, Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

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