Kramos – 60 Minutes Of Jazz Vol.2

A year and a half later, I finally took the time to put together a second edition! The quantity of quality releases in the world of jazz music has been astonishing in 2018. Some of my favorite are in this compilation/mix.


1- Down on bended knee – Helsinki Headnod Convention
2- Fruit stand – Onyx Collective
3- Where are your branches (Where is your fruit) – Oscar Jerome
4- Phase – Mildlife
5- Phase II – Mildlife
6- Chanson d’un jour d’hiver – Medline
7- Nzuku – Arp
8- Change of tone – R+R=NOW
9- Exit – Alfa Mist feat. 2nd Exit
10- The cusp – Mecca:83 feat. Octavio Santos
11- Blue skies – Blue Lab Beats
12- Aperture in meditation, time – Woolymammoth

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