Ropeadope Radio – Episode 2

After marking the pivotal moments in Ropeadope history in episode one, Fabian and Louis dig deep and find some interesting connecting threads in the catalog. There’s a certain groove, timeless that connects tracks from 2000 to 2019, from Bullfrog and Dj Logic to Killiam Shakespeare and The Burndown Allstars.


The Word | Call Him By His Name
Jneiro Jarel | Sun Walkers
Jazzanova | Keep Falling(feat Ursula Rucker & Hawkeye Fanatic)
The Detroit Experiment | Space Odyssey
DJ Logic | Michelle
The Harlem Experiment | It’s Just Begun
Ekundayo | $elva Do Dinheiro
DJ Logic | Hope Road
The Dirty Drummer | Bom Bom Bom
Burndown Allstars | Karma
HUW | Catch 77
Fumi-Hito | The Truth In The Deep Blue
Killiam Shakespeare | Thickmiss
G-Roc | Trespass
Bullfrog | Shine
The Word | I Shall Not Be Moved

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