Caural – Word Is Bond (Original Soundtrack)

Via Bandcamp – The first new work by veteran beat maker Caural in nearly ten years is the original soundtrack for the film he co-produced, Word Is Bond, which premiered at Outfest Fusion in Los Angeles in March 2019. It’s a return to and reinvention of the style he grew across a critically acclaimed catalog on Chocolate Industries, Mush, and other foundation builders for the modern day “beat scene”. Eschewing genre in favor of sound, while celebrating Hip Hop as the blueprint of its spirit, this collection of new material is an extrapolation of the musical vignettes in the film that bring its characters to life.

Word Is Bond is the debut film of writer and director, Alex Mastoon (Caural’s wife). Rewinding to the twilight of rap’s golden era, this evocative and music-driven short is less a narrative than a poetic meditation – a visual verse – unveiling the struggle shared by so many in the LGBTQ community afraid to be themselves: a reality largely ignored – especially in the rap world.

Watch the trailer here:

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