Ropeadope Radio – Episode 4 (Electra)

In 20 years, Ropeadope has been a home for electronic artists experimenting with sound. From DJ Klock to The Detroit Experiment, to Lex Sadler and Jneiro Jarel, Ropeadope has embraced the sound and watched it evolve right under their own roof. Fabian and Louis break down the progression from inside the bubble and discuss how the ‘genre’ went from experimentation to integration.


Song Title – Artist – Album

The System – Dana Murray – Negro Manifesto
Theme – DJ Klock – San
Flicker Free – Takashi Tsuzuki – From Japan
Earthday – Light Blue Movers – Teleological Devolution (The Venice Sessions Pt. 1)
Cahuita [kou-ee-tuh] – JJ Burton
Adrenaline – G-Roc – G-Roc
Ohh Bay!!! (Ohh Baby) – JJ Burton
Ava’s Beat Pt. 1 – Dirty Drummer – Dirty’s Mobile Beat Shack
Think Twice – The Detroit Experiment – The Detroit Experiment
Cross Cut – HUW – Anamorphic
Steps In Reverse (feat. Cory Henry, Kyla Moscovich, & Raja Kassis) – Lex Sadler’s Rhythm & Stealth – Polytronic
Starcrossings – Chet Doxas – Rich In Symbols
Pump and Dump – Yak Attack – Safety Third
Parisian Leaves – Corey King – Lashes
Dilla’s Eclair – DJ Harrison – Stashboxxx
Team Ball (feat. Victor Lewis) – Tommaso Cappellato – Aforemention
Cloth of Gold – The Brothers Nylon & The MK Groove Orchestra – Analog Spirit Quest Vol. 1
Shine Like the Weather – HUW – Audiography
Silk Road – Adam Ben Ezra – Pin Drop
Lucky Grey – Corey King – Lashes
Sonic Motivation – Leyeux – Day Is Calling
This Goes… – Fumi-Hito – This Goes…
Shibuya Crossing (feat. Ari Hoenig) – Lex

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