This is an unpretentious blog from a crew of DJ’s, taste-makers, and artists, where we share what we think are the greatest new releases and re-issued music out there. We cover a lot of different styles, from hip-hop to beats, R’n’B, jazz, roots reggae, funk, house and a lot more music that have one thing that links them together… SOUL! If it’s not soulful, you need to search for it somewhere else. We let the music do the talking here, so don’t expect fancy write-ups, only useful links, and good vibes.

You can also find “The Cooks” (Kramos, MC Tank Pumpin’, Gayance, The RawSoul & Maeco) different radio shows, the main one being “Fresh Taste” presented by Brooklyn Radio. We collaborate as well with the mighty Music is my sanctuary website to help with the music curation.

Oh yeah, we love classic hip-hop videos from the end of the 80’s / early 90’s as well…