L-One – Farska LP

Label: Beat Art Department Excellent jazzy boom bap instrumental LP. Via Beat Art Department: "L-One is a young Munich Hip Hop beat smith and a lover of drum computers...On the Farska LP, he processes his impressions of his vacation in Croatia in 2014 and 2015. On every day one song has been created on the beach,... Continue Reading →

Giorgio Oehlers – ‘EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go

Label: Darker Than Wax Via Darker Than Wax "The debut official release on the label from Rotterdam-based Giorgio Oehlers, “‘EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go”, is a reflection on the tenuous relationship between ego, creativity, and crafting a truly personal vision through art...Throughout the four-track journey exploring the different corners of Giorgio’s vision through... Continue Reading →

Wandl – It’s All Good Tho

Label: Affine Records Kramos' favorite tracks: "Fever" & "It's all good tho". Via Affine Records "22-year-old Vienna-resident Wandl developed into one of the most progressive and interesting European producers in recent years. His longplay-debut brings his take on melodic vocals and experimental, bass driven instrumentals to the fore...he plays almost all the instruments, channels his... Continue Reading →

Kramos – 60 Minutes Of Beats

Bump that in your earphones and enjoy! Tracklist: 1- Jay Alpha - The marble roses interlude (One for David Grusin) 2- Harris Cole - Dark...whatever 3- ILLingsworth - For my brothers 4- Dibia$e - One 4 jax 5- Craneuhm. feat. Toonorth - +Lmn//Ppr. 6- Melodiesinfonie - Ja$$ neunedrissg 7- Sebastian Fraye - Dark clouds 8- Dr. Gray... Continue Reading →

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