Via bandcamp "For the past years, I've been going through numerous stages in my life: gained & lost friends, divorce, depression, distance from the kids, a current job that consumes my time, energy and health, my struggles to keep faith and the list goes on. All of those things I've gone through, and my beat... Continue Reading →

Moo Late – Sketchbook

Label: Monked Records Via Bandcamp "Sketchbook Series is a music series powered by Noisey Poland with 27 compositions released over 9 weeks. Conceived over a 15 month period, the series is the final stage in a process which showcases Moo Latte’s unique slant on Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and Traditional African music. Vibrating with intricate drum/percussion... Continue Reading →

West 2 West – Vol 1

Label: All City Via Bandcamp "Following last year’s well received ‘The Smoke Clears’, John Daly returns to the All City under another alias - West 2 West which was debuted on Jheri Tracks Vol 1. Equally as atmospheric as the ethereal Smoke Clears, this project is the result of his ongoing hip hop obsession. MPC... Continue Reading →

L-One – Farska LP

Label: Beat Art Department Excellent jazzy boom bap instrumental LP. Via Beat Art Department: "L-One is a young Munich Hip Hop beat smith and a lover of drum computers...On the Farska LP, he processes his impressions of his vacation in Croatia in 2014 and 2015. On every day one song has been created on the beach,... Continue Reading →

Giorgio Oehlers – ‘EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go

Label: Darker Than Wax Via Darker Than Wax "The debut official release on the label from Rotterdam-based Giorgio Oehlers, “‘EGO’ And The Art of Letting Go”, is a reflection on the tenuous relationship between ego, creativity, and crafting a truly personal vision through art...Throughout the four-track journey exploring the different corners of Giorgio’s vision through... Continue Reading →

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