Dub Syndicate – Displaced Masters

Label: On-U Sound Via On-U Sound "Unreleased archival tracks from the On-U vaults! Serving the same purpose as the recent Return Of The Crocodile set did for African Head Charge, this LP illuminates the early development of one of the flagship acts on the label, allowing some truly magnificent versions to be heard for the... Continue Reading →

VA – Dub​-​Stuy Presents Singles Pack Vol. 1

Label: Dub-Stuy Via Dub-Stuy "Dub-Stuy celebrates its flagship SP singles series with its first retrospective, covering SP 001 to 005 in one digital bundle...It includes original tracks from all Dub-Stuy artists - Tour de Force, DJ Madd, Bukkha, and Dubamine - as well as remixes from worldwide friends and family including Doctor Jeep, Radikal Guru,... Continue Reading →

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