Kramos – 60 Minutes Of Beats

Bump that in your earphones and enjoy! Tracklist: 1- Jay Alpha - The marble roses interlude (One for David Grusin) 2- Harris Cole - Dark...whatever 3- ILLingsworth - For my brothers 4- Dibia$e - One 4 jax 5- Craneuhm. feat. Toonorth - +Lmn//Ppr. 6- Melodiesinfonie - Ja$$ neunedrissg 7- Sebastian Fraye - Dark clouds 8- Dr. Gray... Continue Reading →

Kramos – 60 Minutes Of Reggae Vol.1

Another 60 minutes, another theme! This reggae series will explore the different eras and styles this type of music has gone through over the years. Roots reggae and dub, going back to rocksteady, passing by the digital or the dancehall period and moving into more recent stuff, etc. Basically, all the different shapes reggae music... Continue Reading →

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