Mr. Brady – Speechless

Label: Urbnet records

Another great one from the Urbnet vault, a new instrumental project from Mr. Brady. Beatsbeatsbeats!

Via Urbnet “Mr. Brady effortlessly hops behind the boards with his signature grit, raw, and soulful sound. Speechless is a primarily sample chop based 22-track opus, emitting hard-hitting drums and wobbly heavy basslines…”

DAVEPSY – Extended Playpen

Label: Urbnet records

Seattle’s DAVESPY on the mic and Vancouver’s Moka Only on the beat… perfect duo!

Via DAVESPY and Urbnet “The content ranges from the writing process to societal ills, to wordplay cuz it’s good, to dropping inhibitions and chasing dreams, thinking positive, sex, grocery shopping, parenting, and just doing art to make life a little bit easier, and more colorful…Moke whooped up some real goodies for me to blabber over.”

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